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Want to live maintenance free on the historic Country Club Plaza? Be sure to check out the condo search feature below! There are Plaza condos available in all sizes and price ranges.

If you are looking for a Plaza loft, you have one option but you will have to move your search closer to Westport - ask me for details!

Confused on what a loft is compared to a condo? We want you to be sure you are searching exactly what you are looking for. Here is our definition of a condo:

A condo is typically a rennovated apartment complex.

For my definition of a loft, please see the Downtown KC Lofts section of this website!

Here you will find all of the Country Club Plaza Condos for sale broken down by price. Please refer to your budget and click the link that best meets your needs!  


Up to $100K

$100K to $125K

$125K to $150K 

$150K to $175K

$175K to $200K  

$200K to $300K

$300K to $400K  

$400K to $500K

$500K to $600K

$600K to $700K

$700K to $800K  

$800K to $900K

$900K to $1M