Before you start utilizing the free condo and loft search feature below, let's talk about the terms condo and loft, so we are on the same page.

Condos can be found throughout the metro area. You can find condos North of the River in Briarcliff at the Ravello, you can find them in the River Market at Bridgeworks and City Homes, and you find them scattered throughout Downtown at WallStreet Towers and 909 Walnut. Condos are typically buildings that have converted from apartment rentals to owner occupied living spaces.

Loft's in Kansas City are available for the most part in Downtown KC. A loft is a living space that offers higher ceilings and in most lofts you will find concrete floors, brick interior walls, wood beam ceilings. Both lofts and condos can be found in Downtown Kansas City in all price ranges so be sure to know which fits your lifestyle the best!

Following, you will find all of the Downtown Kansas City Lofts for sale broken down by price. Please refer to your budget and click the price link that best meets your personal needs!


$100K to $150K

$150K to $200K

$200K to $250K

$250K to $300K

$300K to $350K

$350K to $400K

$450K to $500K

$500K to $600K

$600k to $700K

$700K to $800K

$800K to $900K

$900K to $1M

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